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New Episodes Saturdays

New Episodes Saturdays

New Episodes SaturdaysNew Episodes SaturdaysNew Episodes Saturdays

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  A true D.I.Y Punk Podcast for punk music and bands promoting a true alternative to the doldrums of the mainstream. 

Frankie Pointless


Frankie Pointless

Came up in the South Florida punk rock scene in the 80's and 90's played in several seminal bands like Eyes Of Pandora, Splat, and Bellwether.

 Shared the stage with the likes of The Dwarves, Flipper, The Vandals, Strung Out, The Swingin' Utters.

Worked behind the scenes, doing decor

 at some of the most infamous South Beach clubs of the 90's like Shadow Lounge, Chaos, and as a DJ spun regularly at some of the most noteable gothic clubs and parties in South Florida 

The Mausoleum, The Church, The Kitchen Club, and The Mourge. Also behind the "Locals Only" at the Cu-Cu's Nest on South Beach and "Wicked Wednesdays" at the Sandbar.

Two successful weekly parties in the 2000's. Worked in production and stagehand and moved to the Charlotte Area in 2016 and became a podcaster in early 2019 with the Spit In My Face Podcast

a widley distributed weekly podcast A true D.I.Y Punk Podcastfor punk music and bands promoting a true alternative to the doldrums of the mainstream. Host Frankie Pointless bringing 

you the best new punk rock bands and labels in a widely distributed weekly fun and informative format.

RMR Monster Compster Series


Over 30 tracks of some of the best music from around the world.  We've put a link with each track so you can check these amazing bands out and  buy some of their albums and merch. 

Support! That's why we do this. 

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